New Visionair

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Art. VIS/NEW008
NEW VISION AIR + 1 CO2 16 gr. 115 PSI/8 BAR
Presta/Regina/Schrader/ Dunlop Valve
169 gr. con bomboletta da 16gr.
15,5 cm.

Innovative triple use pump:
1. Hand pump.
2. CO2 inflator.
3. Professional pressure gauge.
“Open/close” system. Equipped with safety valve.
The New Visionair have this additional features:
A) Come with dust cap.
B) Equipped with velcro bracket to fix the pump on the frame.
C) New and safer fastener system for schrader with an alloy adapter
and head for presta and regina valves with direct insertion.

With 16 gr. 1-second CO2 cartridge:
MTB (26x195) BAR 3,5/PSI 50
Racing Bike (700x200) BAR 8,2/PSI 115

With 1-minute hand pump:
MTB (26x195) BAR 2/PSI 30
Racing Bike (700x200) BAR 3,5/PSI 50

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