Barbieri PNK

The origins

BARBIERI PNK born inventiveness and imagination of Mr. Adriano Barbieri tired of dirtying up the neck to clean the chain of his bike in 1983 invented and patented the chain cleaner, simple and ingenious tool that revolutionizes the way to clean the chain.

Few years later Barbieri designs and realizes the mini-pump, which did not yet exist, developing the famous POMPITA that opens the era of minipumps, now the most sold in the bicycle market.

Over the coming years the daughter Nadia and son Kalman joined the team and developed the activities' adding to Italian production of chain cleaners and minipumps, the marketing of various accessories for bike.

Faithful to a policy of innovation and product specialization, Barbieri designed and patented new accessories such as the new mini-pumps VINTAIR ROAD and VINTAIR MTB, the NEW-VISIONAIR, dual-purpose pump that works both manually and with CO2 cartridge and also mounts a pressure gauge; NANA and NUDA, minipumps made in carbon fiber and titanium, and the latest model of chain cleaner TORNADO.


BARBIERI PNK is a young and multiethnic company handycraft sized. In these thirty years more than half Barbieri PNK production was exported to most important and specialized cycle world market. This is also thanks to the protection of inventions by patents worldwide, even though there have been attempts to imitate more or less successful.

Barbieri PNK participates in international fairs more qualified in the industry cycle, as Friedrichshafen, Padua, Las Vegas for the promotion of the products and the meeting with new distributors and consumers. It is essential the direct contact with the riders to check its strengths and areas of improvement of products and absorb ideas for future projects.

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