Drin-Drin bike bell


White / black chromed bicycle bell

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The drin-drin bike bell goes well with the thing we like to do most, ride a bike and be able to do it in complete safety; in fact, the new and colorful bell for bicycles or MTB as well as embellishing your 2-wheeled vehicle, will guarantee you a certain safety when you are on the road. This "horn" is the classic on bikes, with the "Drin" we know well. In this way you can warn people, cars or motorized vehicles of your presence thus avoiding unpleasant accidents. Very easy to install, it consists of a PVC support that connects directly to the handlebar, and the upper part in aluminum with chromed colors.
Technical features:
Bike bell
I play with the classic "DRIN"
Materials: PVC and anodized aluminum
Simple to install
Color: White-Black
Bell diameter: 5.3cm
Weight 29g

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Drin-Drin bike bell

2.16 in_stock! White / black chromed bicycle bell