29" Tubeless transformation rim tape MTB


TUBELESS FLAP MTB 29" Size 25x0,8x1650mm Weight 39g

Made in Italy

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Transforming into tubeless means eliminating the inner tube from the wheel thanks to a tape that does not let the air out of the nipple holes. One way to use tubeless technology without purchasing brand new UST rims and tires is to convert a traditional tube rim. The rim channel must be sealed and made impermeable to air.
The air therefore remains between the tire and paranipples tape; in this space it is useful to insert some sealing liquid which serves to obstruct any small holes caused by thorns or sharp objects.
The advantages of tubeless tires are a reduction in weight, the risk of punctures due to pins or glass is eliminated and greater driving comfort is obtained by being able to use lower operating pressures (this is especially true for mtb).
Flap tape for converting 29" wheels into tubeless wheels. A flap is for one wheel. Italian quality product.

Made in Italy

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29" Tubeless transformation rim tape MTB

6.90 in_stock! TUBELESS FLAP MTB 29" Size 25x0,8x1650mm Weight 39g