DETERGENTE Bici schiumoso. 750 ml

Foamy detergent. 750ml


Foamy detergent ideal for MTB and Gravel

Made in Italy

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Foamy Bike Cleaner is the active foam for waterless, rinse-free washing of the entire bike. It cleanses all parts without damaging them. It is the ideal cleaner for fine surfaces such as titanium, carbon and aluminum frames, with glossy or matte paint. Shake the bottle before use and spray it directly on the surfaces a little at a time, wait for the foam to begin to dissolve and clean with a cloth.
The detergent is produced in a 750ml bottle with spray. The foamy cleaner is effective on grease, mud and dust and is ideal for MTB and Gravel.

Made in Italy

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Foamy detergent. 750ml

7.34 in_stock! Foamy detergent ideal for MTB and Gravel