CONTINENTAL GP5000 TUBELESS 700X232 racing clincher


Racing clincher with protective Vectran layer against punctures

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Continental Grand Prix 5000 offers a completely new approach to the concept of comfort: Continental Active Comfort Technology is integrated into the construction of the tire and makes it possible to significantly absorb the vibrations generated by the road surface for a smoother and more comfortable ride.
Continental Grand Prix 5000 increases the feeling of control thanks to Lazer Grip technology: the structure with micro laser carvings extends from the tread to the shoulder to offer exceptional grip above all curves.
The reference in puncture protection systems: Grand Prix 5000 uses a protective layer in Vectran to give you greater peace of mind in all conditions. Vectran is a multiple fiber thermoplastic yarn. This partly crystalline fabric is more resistant to aramid cutting, has a
tensile strength five times higher than steel and is at the same time lighter than a corresponding nylon thread. Vectran maintains these characteristics even with the most hostile weather conditions.
On a high level tire like the Grand Prix 5000 the compound could only be the best available: Continental BlackChili compound. The unique roof compound of its kind, produced only in Germany, which revolutionizes bicycle tires. The compromise between greater grip and rolling resistance has been brought to the highest levels ever with the BlackChili compound. Numerous first places in the tests confirm the measurable and recordable advantages in
the laboratory and on the road. The new generation polymers, the carbonaceous particulate fruit of nanotechnology and agents charging, guarantee a truly unique performance.
BlackChili Compound improves the rolling resistance by 26% and offers at the same time a grip about 30% higher than the activated silica compounds. The tires made with BlackChili Compound also offer a higher mileage and unlike multiple compounds, a constant performance from the first to the last kilometer.
Measurements GRAND PRIX 5000 700X32 Weight 400g

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CONTINENTAL GP5000 TUBELESS 700X232 racing clincher

83.23 in_stock! Racing clincher with protective Vectran layer against punctures