Innovative and safe universal inflator for all valves. 100 PSI / 7BAR. 14g, 3cm

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CO2 inflators are small devices that allow you to quickly inflate the air chamber. These tools are used in combination with a CO2 canister, inside which the compressed gas is located. Going out on a bike there is always the risk of puncturing and it is always better to have one with you. The PIRANHA inflator is very small and is the lightest of the Barbieri dispensers. It can reside directly inside the saddlebag. Suitable for less experienced cyclists, thanks to the double thread, it is screwed to the Presta and Schrader valves so that the attachment is 100% safe and there are no problems with air escaping. PIRANHA inflates all types of valves and adapts to all types of threaded cans. Respect the environment, do not throw the can after use. N.B. The photo is purely explanatory and the can is not included in the price. For the purchase of CO2 cans please see the articles MOS-00RIC, PRO-3BLI and PRO-00RIC

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