Pre-sport summer oil 200ml


Pre-sport oil with thermoregulatory action

Made in Italy

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SUMMER pre-sport oil with THERMOREGULATING ACTION to be applied before activity
sporty. It is recommended for mild, warm and very hot ambient temperatures.
It acts as a regulator of hydration and skin temperature, it has an effect
waterproofing while leaving the skin free to breathe.
PRESPORT SUMMER oil performs an active protection against UVA / UVB rays (SPF
25), enhancing and promoting the maintenance of the tan. Thanks to its rich
emollient, anti-irritant and insect-repellent formulation forms on the skin
a protective barrier against wind, salt and insects.

Made in Italy

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Pre-sport summer oil 200ml

23.69 in_stock! Pre-sport oil with thermoregulatory action