Bombe réparation/anti-crevaison 125 mL sous blister avec attache velcro


Spray bottle Inflate & Repair in blister with fitting for all valves. 125ml Weight 130g, diameter 45mm, height 120mm

Made in Italy

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The Inflate and Repair can 125ml is for all types of tires with and without inner tube, without deteriorating them. Tools are not required. Clean: thanks to the direct connection between the can and the valve, the special repairing foam penetrates directly into the tire without spilling. It contains a special foam capable of repairing holes up to 5mm. Easy to use thanks to the silicone connection. This format is ideal for large wheels up to 29+. Complete with velcro bracket for seatpost or frame. Versatile: it is perfect for both road and MTB use and it is with fittings for all valves.
Shake the can before use, warm the can in your hands, take out the object causing the puncture damage. Inject the inflator & repair by holding the can upright. Spin the wheel quickly so as to allow the homogeneous expansion of the product inside the rubber. Operate in the absence of flames or incandescent bodies.
Respect the environment, do not throw the can after use.

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